How do I restore a Lincoln Lutheran rental iPad?

This article is intended for Lincoln Lutheran Tech Crew:

Steps to restore a rental iPad:

  1. In settings -> general -> restrictions turn on install apps and change accounts
  2. In settings -> iCloud turn off FindMyIPhone
  3. Connect the iPad to the computer with the backup (probably Mr. Sommerer's Mac Mini)
  4. Launch iTunes, Click on the iPad on the left, Restore from backup (choose the most recent -which I believe is at the top of the list --Uses old admin password)
  5. In settings -> iCloud turn on FindMyIPhone
  6. In settings -> general -> restrictions turn off installing apps and change accounts
  7. In settings -> general -> About change the name to whatever is on the back of the iPad

You will need Mr. Sommerer at various spots to enter passwords.

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  • 06-Jan-2016