How do I edit an image to put it on the the front page of the Lincoln Lutheran website?

First of all, you don't have to. If you have an article and you would like it to be on the front page of the website, just email a picture (or three) to Mr. Sommerer and he will be glad to edit the picture(s), attach them to the article, and promote the article to the front page of the website.

If you follow these instructions to do it yourself, make sure you also email Mr. Sommerer, so that he can promote the article to the front page.

1. Crop. In a photo editing program like Photoshop, crop the image to the correct aspect ratio. We're not concerned about the size of the image at this point, just that it is the right shape. Pro Tip: You don't have to use the whole picture on the front page. Use something that looks good small and put the whole picture in the article. For instance, if you have a team shot of 20 people, just put 3 smiling people on the front page.

  • Features Articles (middle of front page): 140 wide by 103 tall
  • Top Stories (bottom of front page): 90 wide by 66 tall
  • Article images (not on the front page): any aspect ratio will work
  • Slider (top of front page): 695 wide by 232 tall

2. Resize. Now that you have the image cropped to the correct aspect ratio, you can resize it. (In Photoshop you do steps 2 & 3 by choosing "Save for web and device" from the File menu). The aspect ratio above happens to also be the correct size in pixels, so:

  • Features Articles: 140px x 103px
  • Top Stories: 90px x 66px
  • Article images: 480px x any height
  • Slider: 695px x 232px

3. Format. To look right on the Lincoln Lutheran home page the images should be saved in the PNG format. Some programs ask for the bit depth for PNG images. Any bit depth 8 or higher will work fine. When you save the image, you should probably change the name so that you don't over ride the original with this smaller version. Pro Tip: The article images and slider images don't have to be PNG. They will work as PNG, but you'll get files that look nicer with smaller file sizes if you use JPEG as the file format.

4. Attach. Once you have the imaged saved with the correct size and format you can attach it to the article. When you are editing the article you can:

  • Features Articles:
    1. Under "Featured Image" select choose file and choose your file
    2. Press upload.
    3. Don't forget to press save at the bottom of the page.
  • Top Stories: 
    1. Under "Featured Image" select choose file and choose your file
    2. Press upload.
    3. Don't forget to press save at the bottom of the page.
  • Article images: 
    1. click the pictuer (mountain) icon at the top of the edit area
    2. Click Browse Server
    3. Click Upload (in the toolbar)
    4. Click Choose File and choose your file
    5. Click Open
    6. Click Upload Button (not in toolbar)
    7. Click Insert File (in toolbar)
    8. Click Ok button
  • Slider:
    1. Email it to Lloyd