How do I copy Final Grade setup from another class in PowerSchool?

You can use the PowerTeach Gradebook program to copy the Final Grade Setup from one class to another. Note that you have to use the desktop program for this. I can not find a way to copy on the iPad app (though you can now edit it).

1. Go to the class that you are copying from (presumably last semester's class).

Click on the Grade Setup tab

Double click on the S1 term

Click on the tiny little copy button

click the OK button (I've never had the option to change these)

Choose the term of the class to which you are copying (should be the current term).

Click on the class that you are copying to (you can copy the same Final Grade Setup to different classes as long as you want them to have the same Final Grade Setup)

Immediately, this window will pop up asking you to match the "sub terms" from the copied class to the new class. I have never seen PowerSchool make a mistake with the terms that it chooses, so I don't even read this screen anymore. I just click confirm.

Now you can choose any other classes to which you want to copy this same final grade setup. For each one it will ask you to confirm the term conversion, but they will all be correct, so just click on next then confirm for them as well.

Once you have all of the classes to copy this class to selected, you can click on Finish. 

Repeat these steps if you use more than one Final Grade Setup (and, I mean, who doesn't?)