Troubleshooting AppleTV to iPad connections

Trouble shooting an appleTV to iPad connection

After each step, see if you can connect to the appleTV.

  • Verify that the iPad and the AppleTV are on the same SSID on the wireless network (settings -> general -> network)
  • Verify that airplay is turned on on the appleTV (settings -> airplay)
  • Verify that airplay is turned on on the iPad (settings -> airplay)
  • Restart the iPad
  • Restart the appleTV (menu)
  • Update the appleTV if updates are available (menu)
    • This may take a while
    • Reset the appleTV to factory defaults [ONLY IF YOU DO THE FOLLWING]
      • Write down the current name of the appleTV so you can restore it
      • Someone knows the password to the wireless SSID of the iPad
      • Once you verify that, do these steps:
        • Restore factory defaults (menu)
        • Connect to the same wifi as iPad
        • Turn on airplay
        • Rename the appleTV to the old name

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